Anderson Craig is an award-winning technology entrepreneur, Anderson Craig is co-founder and CEO of Mobile DJ Network. He is a strong advocate for great music and dance. He love music and country dance.

Your source for finding the mobile disc jockey in your area by providing you the ability to see a Website full of information on each mobile disc jockey service you check out…all this at no cost for browsing! Everybody knows how difficult it is to find the mobile disc jockey service that is right for your occasion; the telephone book just gives you a name and phone number…WE GIVE YOU PICTURES, PHONE NUMBERS, AND COMPLETE INFORMATION FOR ANY MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SERVICE YOUR LOOKING FOR IN THE USA!!

** The purpose of this area is to allow you to pick out the music you would like to hear during your event, print the list of music you’ve selected and provide the list to your chosen Mobile Disc Jockey service for use at your event **

With most Mobile Disc Jockey services you are asked to pick the songs you are interested in hearing at your event.  The lists of music to select from can vary from one to another.  Mobile DJ Network has compiled a large list of the most popular and requested songs you will find.

Your one source for planning any entertainment event – Welcome to Mobile DJ Network!

Choosing Your Dance

Choose a dance category you’d like to freshen up on.  You’ll be the star of your party in no time by having the right moves!

Swing Dancing

Swing Basic Steps

Double Rhythm Basic

Woman’s Right Under Arm Turn

Woman’s Out and In Under Arm Turn

Man’s Under Arm Turn

The Foxtrot

The Charleston (Shockwave Flash required)

The Waltz (courtesy of

Waltz Basics

Rise and Fall

The Left Box Turn

Under Arm Turns

Single Twinkle




Tips For Finding The Right DJ

Wow, I think about some of the DJ services I’ve seen in my time and I wonder how in the world they were booked for any kind of money.  Trust me when I say that there is a huge difference between a good and a bad DJ.  Somebody once said to me that it’s just music, all DJ’s can play music, it’s got nothing to do with experience…he’s now working in a metal shop and long out of the DJ business.  The music just shows filler.

You want your event to be the best it can be, you want it all to go picture perfect.  Don’t pick a DJ service cause the name just sounds like they are good or they say they are good…none of that means a thing.  Here is what the look for when searching for that DJ service that is right for you: 

1) The length of time in the business under that company name, most services that have a good rap have been DJ’ing for many years.

2) Number of systems available, the more the better cause they won’t find your night over booked.

3) More DJ’s than systems, it would be unfortunate for the DJ to be sick on the night of your event and the DJ service having no more jocks available!

4) A large selection of music, requests for common songs that the DJ doesn’t have can get pretty annoying to the guests.  Also make sure if they don’t have what you’ve pre-requested that they go get it.

5) Don’t think that a DJ with mega years experience is always the best, there can be a burnout factor with that.  If they only have a couple years experience that’s ok, those DJ’s may give a better show with more enthusiasm than the old pros!

6) Please ask to see the DJ system that will be at your event, it should create an atmosphere with the lights and dance effects that comes with the system.  Make sure the system has fun toys to satisfy even the little ones.

The DJ is the most important part of your event, they take over once you have said your part…make sure they are prepared as well.


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