Cool Reception Ideas

  • Bouquet-tossing can be scary for the shy single girls at a wedding, so a sweet alternative is to have each married couple get on the dance floor, and start by calling the couples who have been married 5 years or less off the floor, then up to 10 years, then 15, 20 and so on. When the last couple is standing (the longest married couple) you give them the bouquet as a celebration of their long lasting love.
  • To make your special day more memorable and breathtaking, dedicate a special song to the bridal party. You can also dedicate special songs to parents, grandparents and other special friends or relatives at your reception.
  • Have the lyrics of your wedding song displayed in a frame near or next to the entrance of the reception room for your guests’ viewing pleasure.
  • Put disposable cameras on the guest tables and collect them at the end of the reception. This will give you more precious pictures to put into your Wedding Photo Album.

Put baskets in the bathrooms at the reception hall. A basket stocked with hair spray, clear nail polish, extra pairs of stockings, trial size lipstick & perfumes for the LadiesĀ  Room… combs, hair gel, mouthwash and trial size colognes for the Men.